Leonard Madden is a composer, producer, DJ, and trainer from Perth, Western Australia. Leonard has composed music since the age of fourteen, beginning with classical chamber, vocal, and orchestral works, then later electro-acoustic and experimental electronic pieces. He has also been producing electronic dance music since 1997, having covered most of the major genres in his 20 years of producing, while focussing his attention on techno, minimal, progressive house, and trance (pre-commercial format).

In the years between 1998 and 2008, Leonard kept his music writing as a side interest, but after a life-threatening illness in 2007 he felt it was time to have a serious shot of working as a professional composer. Since then he has released numerous electronic singles, EPs and remixes under the names 051R15 (2009-2010), Ketracel (2010 – present), Obsidian Audio (2011 – present), and MAU (2017 – present). After 13 years away from classical music, he returned to studying in 2011 and completed his Bachelor of Music (Composition and Music Technology) at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2016, and will continue with ongoing post-graduate music studies.

Since commencing his degree, Leonard has rediscovered his love of classical music, and has written numerous chamber, orchestral, and experimental electronic works, including participating in a program for emerging composers with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra in 2013. More recently Leonard has moved into composing for picture and wrote his first score for the short film The Scarlett Sapphire in 2015. He hopes in the future to continue composing for film and other forms of media. He has also taken part in a number of collaborations, including Music for Newborns with composer Emma McClughan in 2016.

Besides his work as a composer, Leonard is also active in passing on his knowledge to young and emerging composers and producers, having taught electronic music production since 2011. He now works as chief mix and mastering engineer, and music production trainer at Groove Yard Studio in Perth. He has also been a regular video presenter for music retailer Kosmic Sound since 2010.