Film & Multimedia

My major goal for the near future will be to move into writing music for film. In 2015 I scored the short film The Scarlett Sapphire, which was my first foray into professional film composing. I feel given my fields of interests and my diverse range of skills in composing, orchestrating, sound-designing, and production, I am well prepared to make the transition into film scoring. My dream would be to become a specialist composer for the science fiction and horror genres.

Over the past six years I have also worked on a number of pieces for other forms of media, including a sound art film project (see below for video) in which I edited together images from valve replacement surgery (which I have had myself), and then used points of movement in the video to generate numerical data that was then used to trigger a number of software samplers, all loaded with the recorded audio of my own mechanical heart valve ticking. Outside of visual media, I have also written music for contemporary dance and a fashion parade. I enjoy working with other artists and in the future I hope to take part in many more collaborations. The one field I’m yet to work in is computer games, and this is something I’d love to pursue going forward. Due to my experience with a wide range of musical formats and methods I feel I will be able to offer a lot to the gaming industry.

Below is some music written either for specific films, or with synchronisation in mind. For more, please visit my Soundcloud page.



This is my sound art piece, Involuntary Cyborg: