Composition Services


With more than two decades of experience as a composer, I have written a huge volume of music in many styles including:

Classical: chamber works for strings, winds, brass, percussion and voice; orchestral works for chamber and full scale orchestras; electro-acoustic music for acoustic instruments and electronics (tape and/or processing); and fully electronic experimental works.

Electronic: I have written nearly every style of electronic dance music in the last 20 years including: techno, trance (including psy trance), tech-house, minimal, hard house, breakbeat, drum and bass, jungle, hardcore, deep house, ambient, dubstep, IDM, and electro. I have also written a lot of noise and drone works as well as music that crosses boundaries between classical and contemporary electronic music.

I am also a skilled arranger and orchestrator, and am fully able to produce, mix and master my own music, or produce stems for external film/media mixing. I am adept at producing realistic sounding orchestral arrangements using software libraries, and am also prepared to score, rehearse, perform, and record acoustic arrangements involving other musicians or ensembles. Outside of acoustic writing I am highly experienced with electronic sound design and either production of fully electronic scores, or hybrid arrangements of acoustic instruments and electronics.

I have spent most of my life studying compositional techniques of many historical eras and styles and can produce authentic sounding representations of music from the medieval period to present in classical/film music, and anything in range of electronic music from post-war avant-garde, to 1960s/70s/80s electronica, to electronic dance music (1980s to present).

I am available for commission for any of the following fields:

  • Music for live performance or recording (chamber, orchestral, vocal, electronic or electro-acoustic)
  • Music for media including for film, TV or games
  • Music for stage including for theatre and contemporary dance
  • Music for other any other multimedia project such as art installations

For more information or to book me for a project, please contact me at, or via the contact form on this site.