I have been working as a private tutor for my entire adult life (since 1998), at first as a clarinet teacher, and subsequently as an electronic music production trainer. In the last couple of years I have branched out into composition, orchestration/arranging and music theory. I have extensively studied the composition and realisation of classical and electronic music and have a Bachelor of Music (Composition and Music Technology) degree from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Most of my tuition work is done in the field of dance music production, and I teach using either Logic Pro X or Ableton Live 9, depending on the needs of each student. Topics I can assist with include:

  • Creating drums/beats using samples or synthesis
  • Sound design and working with software synthesisers and effects
  • Creating arrangements for various formats
  • Producing your track (basic EQ, compression and effects)
  • Mixing your tracks (advanced EQ, compression, effects, and bussing techniques)
  • Mastering your own music (basics of finalising your track)
  • Music theory for electronic music producers

I now teach from Groove Yard Studio in Perth, Western Australia. For more information please contact me at,via the contact form on this site, or head over to the Groove Yard Studio Facebook page.